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BIGAB 15-19 T 700215

BIGAB 15 - 19T is one of the most proven and sold hooklift trailers on the market. There are many customers who can speak about its reliability. The trailer was developed for multi-length containers. A hooklift that can combine both short containers for contracting work as well as long ones for agricultural and trucking. A flexible and versatile trailer. The exchange system is built with a telescopic tower which allows handling container lengths from 4600 - 6500 mm.

Adoption of national, regional or local requirements beyond CE- approval or equivalent is not the responsibility of the manufacturer. The technical data refer to a standard trailer. Be aware that local regulations might change the need of the technical specification of the trailer. Ask your dealer for more information. 

In case of crane mounting the max load will be decreased by the crane weight. Exact number depends on crane model.

Bogie type: Mech. pendulum bogie
Wheel dimension in standard 500/60 - 22,5
Required tractor hydraulics: 1 brake outlet, EFC, 1 double action
Oil volume: Minimum available oil volume, with full system (L) 22
Chassis weight: Standard equipment (Kg) 4380
Chassis length (with drawbar) (mm) with standard drawbar 7500
Width across the wheels (mm) with standard equipment* 2450
Total weight: Country dependent
Max load including container (Kg) 16000
Max load during container exchange (Kg) 16000
Suitable container length (mm) 4 600-6 500
Load on tow eye: Depending in the position of the container (Kg) 2600-3500
Max tipping capacity (Kg) 16000
Max working pressure (MPa) 21.0
*Note! Dimensions might change depending of specific configuration

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