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Fors MW at a glance

AS FORS MW is an Estonian company with Swedish ownership and management. The Group is led by Ulrica Fors, a second generation Fors, who runs this family company. The company was established in Estonia in 1992. The premises in Estonia has a full-scale production facility with manufacturing, product assembly and the group's administration. Fors MW is today represented worldwide through 250 dealers.

Business idea

Fors MW: s business is within the fields of forestry, agriculture and contracting. The business idea is to develop, manufacture and sell high quality customized products, at a competitive price, to as wide a market as possible. We offer a complete solution for our customers by supplying products, aftermarket and service support with high customer value.

From start to finish

We design and produce the parts necessary to build our products from the ground up. To ensure the safety, durability and performance, we do test in real life situations on our own farm in Estonia.