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BIGAB B 14-17 Wheel alternative 916529

The model is equipped with 500/50-17,0 wheels (A)

This model can be equipped with the following wheel settings: 

A. RIB B. Traction C. Block D. Super single 

Art nr: 9165258, 435/50R-19,5 8B/0 (D)

Art nr: 9165258-1 435/50R-19,5 8B/0 DUNLOP or BRIDGESTONE  (D)

Art nr: 916571L, 500/45R-22,5 8B/0 BKT Ridemax (not  possible with mech.bogie) (C)

Art nr: 916529/BKT, 500/50-17 TL 8B/0 BKT (A)

Art nr: 916538L, 500/50-17 TRAC TL 18PR 8B/0 (B)

Art nr: 9165301, 500/50R- 17 TL 8B/0 BKT Ridemax (C)

Art nr: 9165301-36, 500/50R-17 TL8B/-35 BKT Ridemax (only with 2 rigid axles) (C)

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