Work begins – New FARMA brochure!

FARMA is as you probably already know Europe´s by far best sold lumber trailer. Through the years more than 10 000 trailers and cranes has been shipped from our factory in Estonia! In beginning of history, it was mostly sold due to price but with time FARMA has become a brilliant product and it´s user's favorite.

In 2011 FARMA Generation 2 was introduced, a product development, that continues to develop, and is offered to our customers at a competitive price level. We have under the Generation 2 name introduced among several things a new crane series and most recently this summer at the KWF show in Germany we unveiled our Generation 2 trailer series in a completely new frame design.

A couple of years ago, we revised our entire FARMA brochure but time catch up, or rather the development of our products, so it is now high time to do a complete make - over of the brochure. It will become richer on information and more comprehensive. In this work, we will during next week take a photography team to Estonia to take pictures of the trailers in action out in the forest. Twelve different trailer and crane combinations will be under the loop next week. This will be the foundation of the new brochure. This is a work that then continues for a few months. We expect to launch the new FARMA brochure in good time before New Year!

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