Spain - a new market!

It's really fun to follow the market developments relating to our three brands in the past year. Many are the new markets that we've taken in and more are those who we are participating in talks with. Not only that, on the already established markets the interest is growing and new dealers are continuously linked to Fors MW. During the summer, we began collaboration with the Spanish and Portugal market, a collaboration that is starting to bear fruit. These days our brochure has been developed also in Spanish, and before the year is complete, we follow up with a Spanish website.

That interest has increased significantly from Europe in the past year is nothing strange. BIGAB, FARMA and NIAB are three market-leading products in Europe today. A leading market position built up around a good quality at a reasonable price. The initiation of any development process within Fors MW always start with the mentioning of the mantra that have come to lead the way to success - "Remember to produce a product at a price the customer is willing to pay".

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