Peter Kastberg - President of AS FORS MW

Peter Kastberg former Vice President of AS FORS MW was on Wednesday appointed President of the Fors MW Group. Peter has a long history especially in the role as financial and market- oriented president in varies companies. Peter joined the Group in January 2008 and has since worked with the daily operational management in close collaboration with the now outgoing President. Peter has over the years worked vigorously with the Company´s future development and expansion. As a comment to the appointment Peter states "It is with humility and confidence in the future as I take on this role. Fors MW is a great company to be involved in and developed with sound business principles and the new products in sight are fantastic. At the same time I also look with gratitude to Leif Fors for the choice to continue to contribute actively in the company with his expertise and long experience".


Leif Fors the outgoing President and founder of Fors MW look confident at the shift that now is in process. In a commentary Leif says, "Peter has made an outstanding job showing his commitment to the company´s challenges and he fully shares our corporate philosophy which is the foundation in everything we do. It gives me great confidence and I look forward to seeing the company continue to develop under Peter´s leadership". Leif Fors will assume the new role as the executive chairman and will stay on as the head of the development department.


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