One inspiring lady!

Maria Sporre, Stockaryd, Småland was named winner of the FARMA contest, where the price was a FARMA CT 3,8 - 6. It was a happy winner, who was contacted by the jury. That the jury fell for the right person is clear! After examining the FARMA brochure she chose to use the proceeds as partial payment and ordered FARMA's largest trailer CT 6,5 - 12.

Maria is the woman that in 1988 at the age of 23 took over the family farm in the third generation, a farm consisting of a smaller agricultural land, mainly cultivated grassland and 120 ha of forest. In addition, there is a 50 - number of sheep (Texel) and some Higland kettle. Maria is responsible for working the farm and is working full time with the land and forestry. The husband Michael helps when time but working full time elsewhere. To assist and help she has the future fourth generation on the farm, her children, Martin (17), Max (15) and Mattias (12). Three guys who all like fighting with Maria about to drive the farm machinery, just like she did as a child in the woods with Dad.

Maria is not only a new FARMA owner already she is a happy owner of a tractor NIAB processor that was purchased after the storms, but fortunately the damage was not too serious notes Maria. Having the right tools in the woods is essential but she also states that work in elderly care, which she also tried, are substantially tougher and more stressful than the work in the woods. Maria Sporre is a lady with many irons in the fire. In addition to the work on the farm she studies at the forestry Forestry / Wood Technology Program in Växjö. In addition to that, she has a number of assignments as a member of the LRF's local branch and Njudung Trustees (SÖDRA).

We at Fors MW would like to congratulate Maria on her win and to wish all happiness and prosperity to the farm!


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