It is time to yet again meet one of our NIAB owners from Sweden. Here is his story.

Ulf Pettersson, Björkefors Gård, Sunne

Ulf owns and operates on a legendary mansion situated just north of Sunne on the east side of the well known lake named Fryken on a farm called Björkefors. The farm is mentioned by the Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf in the world famous book Gösta Berlings fairytale under the name Fors. Once there was a truly evil man named CJ Tjeder at Björkefors. He was called Sintram by Selma Lagerlöf in the book and he in the book he had the same bad behavior as Tjeder. There are some who tell that Tjeder can still be seen from time to time in the mansion.

But enough of this, it is for the fact that Ulf has used NIAB for more than 20 years that we are here visiting him and his dear friend, the dog Sigge. The farm has about 200 hectares of productive forestry land. The forest is in regards to the thinning taken care of with the tractor processor NIAB. When we ask if he is satisfied, the answer is that he would not have used NIAB for 20 years otherwise. It says it all - does it not? For about four years ago he switched his black NIAB (20 year old version) for a new, NIAB 5 - 15 B. The capacity of the new model is significantly higher. We thank Ulf for a lovely visit over some cups of really good coffee.

Tule 30
76505 Saue
Phone: +3726790000
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Org. no: 10094723
VAT no: EE100189685
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