Meet a NIAB owner!

It is time to yet again meet one of our NIAB owners from Sweden. Here is his story.

Lars Stålhandske, Edsbjörke, Sunne


We arrive to Lars just when the farming has just started in spring. On the local radio they warn of up to a dm of snow in the Northern area if the region Värmland. The farm has a truly serene location and we enjoy the view of the lake Fryken. The location is the very best, a rare luxury to live and work in.

Lars drives a timber truck in shifts at a local truck operator and on the side he manages about 50 hectares of forest and about 16 hectares of arable grassland. Lars takes care of both thinning and final cutting which he also did before he bought the NIAB nearly three years ago. Since he bought the NIAB the biggest difference is in the way how he feels after a day of work. Now he feels relaxed after a day and able to enjoy life. That is worth a lot says, Lars. Lars continues that he should have bought the NIAB sooner but he kept on waiting for second hand machinery but realized that the second hand value was so high so he could buy a new one instead. When we leave the farm we meet his son arriving from a fishing trip on Fryken. However, we see no salmon or pike. We hope for better luck next time!


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