Meet a BIGAB user!

A farm in Constant change - Klackeborg!

Stig Åke Petersson at Klackeborgsgård placed in middle part of Sweden has just bought his second BIGAB, this time a BIGAB 20 - 24 with prolonged bogie with heavy duty suspension and self - steering axle. When we visit the farm they are really busy with the harvest as you can see from the photo they work with huge crawler combines to make it happen so the BIGAB is busy all day long in its efforts to carry home the corn but the two work really well together says Stig Åke. The BIGAB trailer is sturdy and rolls easily, a lot thanks to the self - steering axle.

Klackeborgsgård consists of 500 hectares of fields and a large beef cattle production at about 1500 animals, but they are planning to expand with more animals. They mix the animal feed with the potatoes that are thrown away at the potato factory a few kilometers away so you can trust that there will be many heavy loads for BIGAB to handle every week from the potato cleansing.

We wish Stig Åke with staff the best of luck with the continued operation and hope to deliver BIGAB trailer number three to the business in the coming years!


Photo: Stig Åke Petersson to the right and our aftermarket guy Charlie Appelgren to the left. 

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