How to live as you learn

It has been a fantastic summer, in many ways. In my daily work as Vice President I deal with operational business issues so a change during the summer has been very rewarding. During the summer I had the privilege to use and evaluate one of our newest products, a 6,5m long Z crane mounted on a BIGAB 12 -15. The hook lift trailer was extra equipped with frame steering, sprung bogie and bogie lift.

Like so many urban families mine is trying to find more living space, but as often we have to build higher to expand living space so this summer we add a second level to the house. As always you take the opportunity to resolve other related issues as to dig holes, run a little gravel and soil, and drive to the recycling areas with garbage. The trailer has also been used for basic transport since most supplies of wood and steel have not been able to drive on the small roads in our area so therefore I have been in need to reload into the BIGAB which has worked excellent thanks to crane.

As always in urban areas it is crowded, narrow and steep and generally quite tough to manage the handling of the trailer as well as the crane. I can certainly agree with all the users who say that they would never buy a BIGAB without the frame steering. Personally, I now understand exactly what they mean. You drive in between the gate poles, abruptly round the corner, trying to avoid knocking down your neighbor's fence and last but not least you always seem to need to reach 30 cm more with the crane. The number of occasions that I have been in need to adjust the position of the frame steering has been immense. It would certainly have worked without the frame steering, but I have earned many hours of work with this option.

The big question at the beginning was how the "a bit older and smaller" tractor would behave towards the more modern trailer but it turned out just fine. Thanks to the frame lock there has been a stable and secure lift throughout the use. The trailer is also equipped with electrical on - off so I have been able to control everything from the cabin which was smooth. The crane was used for lifting beams, wood and it plucked down the bricks, stones and debris. Moreover, it has dug a number of holes for the foundation and new flower beds. Thanks to the radio - controlled crane, I was able to stand in the right place during tricky moments which was great when it was small margins.

A pleasant experience has been the visits to the rock crusher place called Arninge where the guys who drive the loaders have flocked around the trailer as wasps around a sugar cube. Many useful and interesting discussions and a number of bids up front on the trailer. A number of neighbors have also been visiting asking if they can get help with things, but unfortunately there has not been enough time to assist but a contractor in this area with a BIGAB could most certainly have loads of work.

Most of the actual building work remains, but the usefulness of a BIGAB is indisputable and it has been very instructive to get to know the product better and face the situations that our users face daily. The development continues and new ideas are making it to the drawing table. Developments that I know will benefit our users.


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