Dyrsku'ni Seljord, Norway - An experience I will never forget!

The fair is a folk fest with over 60 000 paying visitors in three days in September and a great success. Selfjord is placed in a very narrow valley, which in itself creates a lot of logistical problems but the fair handled it fantastically well. The only thing missing is accommodation but the huge camping areas fixed the need for it.


Skogsverktöy A/S, one of our dealers in Norway had a fantastic stand where they presented the full FARMA range from the C 3,8 to the C 8,5. From our 6 ton lumber trailer to our driven flagship T 14. Provided on the trailers where different types of valve solutions from the simplest to our radio controlled unit which all could be tested in action. Johannes Nybackens efforts really paid off. To date, 25 machines are already sold as a result of the fair and over 25% already delivered but there is loads of interest to work with. The last time I experienced a similar exhibition was probably more than 20 years ago. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be there for this one.


What created this success? First of all, Johannes Nybacken and Vidar's Kristen (from Skogsverktöy AS) knowledge of the products, the way they build and work the exhibition stand. Secondly, the strong Norwegian currency helps to provide better prices in Norway then they have seen in years. Thirdly and by no means unimportant in this context of course is the competitiveness of FARMA in terms of quality, price and market position and as Johannes pointed out - Success is not a coincidence!


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