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AS FORS MW continuing the multi-million investments that began with the construction of one of Europe's most modern paint shops, 1200kvm for hanging goods with conveyers capacity up to 4000kg per trailer. An investment that within the next few days will receive a continuation with the completion of the new production hall of 1700kvm that will contain among several things a shoot blasting, that are expected to arrive in the middle of October, built to handle hanging goods with the ability to take chassi in their full size directly into the shoot blasting machine.  


Purchased new premises becomes Design & Development Division

Fors MW today took another step in the multi-million investments that has occurred over the past year through the purchase of property adjacent of 1500 square meters with the surrounding surface of 3000 square meters.

With this purchase we tie the plant in Saue, Estonia together in a long-awaited structural whole, says CEO Leif Fors. The new premises will house the Fors MW design and development department. A department in growth with more designers entering. Fors MW is in a highly expansive mode with a range of ideas on the way to the drawing board, and other innovations already in the pipeline. The purchase of the new building was timely when the need for space for the development department was required, says Leif Fors.


In times like these is AS FORS MW, a company that goes against main stream, but it is neither the first nor the last time! Stay updated on our continued plans at  or

Photo to the left shows the newly bought property.

Photo to the right shows the new production hall for the shoot blaster.


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