A new member to the FORS MW team!

We welcome Stefan Forsman to AS FORS MW/Farma Norden AB. Stefan is 40 years old and lives with his wife and two children in the town Motala located 80km west of Norrköping.


Stefan will be in charge of the aftermarket. He will lead and develop the team and their ways of working at place in Norrköping, Sweden. Among several tasks he will work to strengthen the structure of the routines in regards to customer and dealer feedback from the aftermarket to the factory.  A feedback that is very much needed but not always gets to the person where it will make a difference.


Stefan has earlier worked at Väderstad with aftermarket/spare parts. A collogue to Fors MW within the industry and a collogue known for their aftermarket service. It will most certainly take time for Fors MW to reach the level of Väderstad in remarks to instruction books and service but keep in mind - Väderstad service is the aim for our aftermarket goal!


You might wonder what will happen to Svante Högnert who has had this job until now. Svante will move on to other tasks within Fors MW with focus on purchase/product development in general and hydraulics in particular.

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