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Here at Fors MW we believe strongly in not raising the prices unless absolutely necessary. We rather work on progress in our purchasing canals instead of taking the easy way out - charging our customers for our short comings in purchase. That is also the main reason why Fors MW has 8 persons working full time with purchase both in Estonia as well as China.

Last time Fors MW raised prices was in beginning of 2008 and since then we have stuck to them in good and bad times always working on our purchase canals instead of raising prices. However with the growing demand of details from Asia the prices has gone up and we feel a need to raise prices with 3 %. Some of you might react and say - "Should it not have been more?" Well, taking a look at the competition we do see most of them raising prices much more than this. We see most of them having to do so even earlier than Fors MW, some even a couple of times. Fors MW business idea is to provide a product to a price that the customer is willing to pay and so we do also this time. Therefore we rise what we need and that is 3 % thanks to good purchasing and the customer in focus.

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