Meet Evelin!

Fors MW is an expanding company and as such we expand both in sales and staff. Now it is time to meet Evelin our latest member of the Fors MW team.


I'm Evelin, 29 years old and have been working as an accountant in Fors MW since June. I've learned a lot in the past months and it's been quite interesting journey for me.

Before Fors MW I was an accountant for 3,5 years working in an assembly and in logistic's company and before that I spent 4 years at home with my litte boy. So getting back to work was a great challenge on one hand and an incredible opportunity on the other. So far I've enjoyed my time here and hope it goes on this way for many more years.

My free time I spend mostly behind books and computers. I just finished Millennium series and before that I read a lot of A. Nekrassov's books. I also like dancing and occasionally visit a cinema to watch movies- mostly adventure or sci-fi and of course some cartoons with my kid.


Thank You for Your time!


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