Great day at Maskin & Fält!

What a day it has been at the exhibition today! Loads of visitors and loads of interest. We have seen great interest in all three brands and to be honest the most used words today most have been - "This is my dream to have one of these" and usually the comment was made about BIGAB and NIAB. That NIAB for example is one of the best sold tractor processors in Sweden is quite easy to understand being at the show, because on one hand you meet customers who has one or you meet the ones who would really like to have one.

Great fun today was also to meet Hans Karlsson who won the trip to Estonia through the Club BIGAB competition but also to meet with the satisfied FARMA owner of a CT 6,0 - 6 who today signed a deal with a dealer of ours to buy the CT 8,5 - 12. Great day as said and tomorrow we look forward of another exciting day!

One of the photos shows the pleased FARMA owner with undersigned.

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