French visit

During two days we have had one of our French FARMA dealers LTH visiting us at factory in Estonia. It has been two days filled with everything from technical discussions to planning of the show SIMA which we will do in February in Paris. This time we will exhibit FARMA at the show. A lot of things need to be organized ahead of such huge shows and SIMA is no different. At the same time we have also taken the decision to start up the advertising of FARMA in France. It will be interesting to see the development that will come from such activities. Visits from dealers and customers are time consuming but one of the most important and effective things that we can do to increase the sales. If you have seen the company from which the products are produced, meet the staff involved there has so far not been a single visit here in which it has not generated good back to us. The Fors MW site is an impressive site as the French dealers told us at the same time as they said "Looking from the outside one would never have believed that all of this existed inside the gates".

Do you want to visit us? Let us know and we will organize it!

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