Today on the 20th October we introduce Club BIGAB for our Scandinavian market. BIGAB has been an established product on the Scandinavian market for more than 30 years. It has been sold in thousands of units and BIGAB is considered number 1. We felt that it was high time for BIGAB to have its own Club.

BIGAB has today a status among its owners. Several are those who care for their BIGAB with warmth. Several are those who depend on their BIGAB for their day to day activities. When we proud owners of the BIGAB brand surfed the internet we saw loads of BIGAB owners, many with a huge commitment to product develop their BIGAB. The ideas seem endless and in Club BIGAB one can be awarded with a contribution of 25000sek for them. A membership provides a number of pleasant experiences such as VIP treatment on BIGAB fairs but also fruitful ones.

The BIGAB hook lift system is a totally Swedish concept developed from scratch in the tiny village of Blidsberg, Västergötland (Sweden) for more than 30 years ago. Now at work in every corner of the globe. Göte Håkansson is the man behind BIGAB and the honorary member of Club BIGAB.

For more information - take a look at (Swedish page)

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