Board meeting

The third meeting of the year was today held in Saue, Estonia. All of the board was gathered together and the event started as always with the traditional tour around the factory. Since Fors MW is constantly developing there is always loads of news for the board to get familiar with, nothing different about this time.

It was a pleased board that took note of the statues of Fors MW during the board meeting. Especially interesting is the positive trend that we have seen on the market for the last months and the number of markets in which the FARMA sales have increased since last time we saw each other, to mention some. Each model in our production had their time in the spotlight at the meeting and even though we sell our entire product line the top three models are; BIGAB 10 - 14, FARMA 6,3 - 9 and NIAB 5 - 15 B.

The board would like to thank the staff of Fors MW group for their committed and hard work!

Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
Chairman of the Board, AS FORS MW

Photo shows Vice President Mr. Peter Kastberg in discussions with Mr. BIGAB, Göte Håkanson

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