AS FORS MW Board meeting

Today we have had a board meeting in Saue, Estonia. It was a pleased board that walked our factory and saw all the developments taking place. There are several of them worth mentioning such as the shoot blaster set – up ready to be mounted, the container factory that are getting into place, the new development department in the newly purchased house along with several other things needed for structure.


When the actual board meeting took place there were smiles and laughter as well. The board thanked the management of Fors MW and their staff for the nice cash flow that Fors MW has been able to keep throughout the financial crises. They also saw with pleasure on the sales numbers that indicate sales in the 2006 year level which in times such as these can’t be considered bad at all.


All and all the board is pleased and impressed with the actions taken by Fors MW in these times and with all the developments taking place both in the factory but also with our products the board is sure that Fors MW walk towards a nice future!


Ulrica Fors Stenmarck

Chairman of the board

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