Svante Högnert - Now at a new position in FORS MW!

My name is Svante Högnert and I am 32 years old. I grew up in the countryside just south of Trollhättan, 70 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been a member of Fors MW team for 2 years. Before I came to Fors MW, I had worked with forest cranes and machinery for 9 years, before that I studied at the "Forestry" High School and then continued to study to become a forest technician. So the forest and farming and its machinery has been part of my life for many years.


I started my work at Fors MW as an aftermarket controller placed in Norrköping, Sweden which has been a great challenge and have given me good insight into our products, their structure and how the products have evolved over time. At place in Norrköping I have had access to everything from the latest crane model to our very first cranes built when the company started in 1992. This has given me a lot and helped me to get into the work of the company.


I have since early October moved on to the purchasing department and is responsible for the hydraulics and electronics. In these areas, I now dig deeper into the products and learn about suppliers and their delivery routines. Since we here at Fors MW is in an expansive stage, I will also work with product development and development of new products. I hope and work for that we will be able to further develop the purchasing department as well as our products within recent time, take advantage of the expertise we have within the company and assist to push the development forward.

Since I am interested in nature I usually spend my free time by being in it, it's often about hunting, fishing or just to pick some mushrooms, since then my partner might be willing to join as well. I am also active in one of Sweden's largest diving associations, so if there is any free time left I spend it below the surface studying the West Coast marine life. In order to combine vacation with my interests, I am trying to get a way to northern Norway to fish or dive every year. Just to experience Norway's fjords and the midnight sun is an incredible adventure and relaxation, and then combining it with fishing or diving in the company of good friends - well, I feel like the fish in water.

// Svante Högnert

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