NIAB is family Gustafson's "helper" in the woods!

Tommy and Stefan Gustafsson (father and son) run with Stefan's brother Christer the farm Björkelund of about 180 hectares of which the main part consists of forest. In 2009 they bought a NIAB 5 - 15 C of the dealer Anders Bil & Maskin and are very satisfied with their decision. They have used the NIAB for about 2000 meters over the years.

Stefan is the one using the machine the most. According to Tommy he is the best driver of the two. Standing on the side, looking at Stefan when handling the NIAB processor, we cannot but to agree. Stefan uses the machine to the fullest. He is both fast and causes at the same time which is of importance when using a NIAB in the forest.

It is a delight to visit them for several reasons. They are positive people with nice taken care of machinery. The NIAB looks brand new even though used as much has it has. The dealer Anders Svensson confirms that the machinery from Tommy usually is the ones sold immediately when entering the yard of Bil & Maskin.

We thank them for the visit and it is great to yet another time have gotten acquainted with one of Sweden's great entrepreneurial families!


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