New design – Hydraulic radio winch!

FARMA is launching a long-awaited price worthy series of new hydraulic remote controller winches under the G2 series named FARMA RW 1300 and RW FARMA 500. The RW 1300 winch can be installed on all crane models from C 4,6 reach and upwards. RW 500 winch can be mounted on our smallest crane model with 3,8 m range.

The larger winch (RW 1300) has a 6 mm wire with a length of 35 meters as standard. The pulling force is at 175 bar 1300kg on empty drum. The small winch (RW 500) has a 5 mm wire with a length of 30 m. Pulling force is at 175 bar 600 kg on empty drum. The pulling force or lifting power to be accurate differs significantly depending on whether the numbers are stated with empty drum or full. Check the numbers when compared to other models.

FARMA has for many years chosen to have only a remote controlled winch in our assortment. This is due to the fact that the risk of accidents rises sharply with a mechanically controlled winch. Radio makes the work easier and more importantly safer by removing dangerous and heavy work.

Talk to your dealer for more information!

The picture on the left shows RW 1300 mounted on C 5.1 m FARMA crane.


The picture to the right shows the RW 500 mounted on C 3.8 G2 FARMA crane.

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