Meet our latest Fors MW team member – Tom Belton!

You might have come across Tom Belton here earlier and you are correct. Tom has worked on commission for Fors MW as our sales representative for the UK and Irish market since 2005. However times change and a possibility occurred to employ Tom and so we did.


The reasons for the employment is that we wanted to make use of Tom's extensive know how and involve him in our future development of BIGAB. We would characterize his work as a Product Manager for BIGAB, both in terms of supporting in developing the product and drive sales in new markets with new dealers.


Tom´s focus will be two-sided. On one part Tom will work closely with the market as well as the design team to bring change to BIGAB under the name PRO BIGAB. On the other hand Tom will also work closely with the middle European markets, in markets where we have not been as successful as we had hoped for.


Even though Tom has been with us for many years we look forward of deepening our relations in the good for BIGAB! Welcome to the team Tom!

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