Meet a Fors MW foreman!

Time to meet yet another of the people behind the scenes. This time it is Sergei Müür one of the foreman's in the assembly hall.

Hello there!


My name is Sergei Müür and I have worked for Fors MW a long-long time and since I have, I obviously must enjoy the work I do. I started out as a locksmith within the company but later on my supervisors found me suitable for a bit more challenging tasks and I am glad they did! I'm currently working as a foreman in the assembly. The last stop before the machines leaves our yard to meet their customers.

In my work I instruct our assembly crew so that the right parts ends up on the right type of product and model. I also need to check so that our machinery are looking the best they can when leaving our premises and I do admit - I do miss from time to time but I do my best to avoid that since I know the hard ache it causes our customers. The biggest challenge though is to see to it that all is done in time and ready to leave when the trailer comes to pick the machine up.

On my spare time I try to relax mainly by enjoying my family, reading books and watch TV but I also meet up with my closest friends nearly every weekend. I often spend the summers at the country side where we have a little cottage.

Thank you for your time!
Sergei Müür

Tule 30
76505 Saue
Phone: +3726790000
Fax: +3726790001
Org. no: 10094723
VAT no: EE100189685
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