Let´s do this on a regular base!

We asked Igor Kolutushkin, one of the assemblers at place during the photo shoot in Estonia a month ago, to comment on his experience. Here is his story!

From time to time, out of professional and personal interest, I tend to look at different programs on Discovery channel that show how Canadian timber harvesting companies exploit their machinery in very difficult circumstances, how different construction elements of their machinery behaves in this process of felling, storing and transportation of the trees.

Behaviour of hoisting and lifting mechanisms of these machines has been under a specific interest of mine as the host of the show usually gives a detailed information about which construction elements are most vulnerable to high pressure in using maximum loads and how the rotator together with the frame and the body of the mechanism affects the quality of work performed by entire machine.

I watch the programs and think a lot about how the machinery produced under Our brands of FARMA, BIGAB, NIAB is used in different parts of the world. In the beginning of October I was lucky in enough to be invited to a testing / photoshoot of forestry equipment produced and built at Fors MW together with colleagues from Estonia and Sweden.

Testing/photo shoot was conducted in the forest not far from city of Pärnu. The weather was on Our side providing Us with some sunshine after quite a few rainy days and making it possible for Us to test/shoot Our machines under extreme circumstances such as difficult road conditions, soft ground, high humidity. And I have to say... the tension was there... Being a member of an assembly team one always feels the pressure and a sense of responsibility related to these machines that have been built with one's own hands.

So we stood there, quietly watching Our machines working- admiring how light and precise were the movements of this equipment amongst the chaos of felled trees, how with the help of Our grapples and cranes trailers got filled with good quality timber. It's impossible to experience that adrenalin-rush, that drive while testing the machinery in the factory, under controlled environment! Needless to say - the results were pleasing although we found a few areas that still need some love and affection! We strive for perfection!

From my personal point of view I found out that this type of testing days in the forest have to be arranged on a regular basis so that more of Our specialists ( welders, members of assembly crews, designers ) would see Our products in action in order to notice Our strong sides and a bit weaker points. It has been done but could be done more often. This way it is easier to see where to focus in the future if we want to raise the quality, reliability and competitiveness of Our machines.

Igor Kolutushkin
Fors MW Employee


Photo: It is Igor sitting to the right. 


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