Farewell Estonian currency!

Estonia is a small country with a small and open economy. On the first of January, Estonia will change from the Estonian kroon to the Euro. The change will have a positive effect on the confidence of the economy and the people of Estonia. The euro will support the Estonian economical stability, make trade relations easier within the European Union and establish Estonia as a part of one of the most influential economical regions in the world. Furthermore the transition into euro will make travelling easier and cut costs when exchanging currency both for private individuals and business.

The emotions of the consumers accompanying the changeover to the euro are considerably more complicated than those arising from the daily economical changes. The Estonian Kroon has a deep symbolic value related to Estonia's independence, regained not so long ago. This is probably one of the main reasons why the adopting of euro has been a bit more difficult than expected. We are also talking about learning and memorizing - new memory structures have to be built, emotional bond with our new currency created. Attitude has to change and this does not happen overnight but we are working on it.

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