ESG Review !

During two days Fors MW has undergone a sort of audit of how we work with environmental issues, social responsibility and corporate governance. It is the Swedish government as a partner in Fors MW that is requesting such a review, according to the owner's directives they need to follow. Directive which states that such audits should be done periodically. The ESG audit was carried out by Sweco.

The company has been presented, the factory has been examined not only ones but several times. Dumpsters have been turned upside down. Painting enumerated. Occupational Safety and Health has been reviewed and reported environmental reports as well. Estonian legislation has been reviewed in all areas. The company's anti- corruption documents have been reviewed along with a variety of documents in most areas. It has been two interesting days, and although there are things to work with, we feel extremely proud of the company we represent all together here at Fors MW!

I would like to extend a special thanks to Sulev Höbe and Anu Kotkamäe that from Fors MW side represented the company in these briefings with honor. I would also like to extend a large thank to Roman Koger who informed about our work on occupational safety.

Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
Market / Information manager AS FORS MW

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