BIGAB in Russia!

We are happy to share our great joy of achieving success in Russia after a year of hard work. As we all know, Russia has huge land territories of agricultural lands. There are a lot of agri - cooperation's and big farmers. LLC "ZAVETNOYE" was founded in 2001 and is located in the Georgievski district, Stavropol Territory. Due to the Southern climate the agriculture work is well developed in this region. The main specialization of this company is growing seed, storage of large quantities and farming crops such as onions, carrots and beets. The company has a full range of agricultural equipment. From recent times LLC "ZAVETNOYE" also received 10 pieces of BIGAB 15 - 19 from Fors MW for their daily transportation needs.


We feel confident, that „ZAVETNOYE" is satisfied with their BIGAB trailers and as agricultural producer they are ready for the cropping period. Fors MW hopes to expand the Russian market in the near future. During the last year we have sent quite a number of of BIGAB to the waste disposal management in several areas of Russia so things are progressing nicely!


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