Back in the team – Meet Annika!

I am Annika and here I am again! This time I have got new tasks to do: as to create serial numbers to ordered Farma, Bigab and Niab products. Later, when products are ready to deliver, I prepare correct instruction books with warranty, claims and EC- Confirmation documents to send to our customers together with the machinery.

It was in 2005 January when I started here as administration assistant. I was happy to use my Swedish language skills at every day job, as it was/is important for me. Beside that I made spare parts invoices and communicated often with Kenth and Charlie at the aftermarket office in Sweden, which has always been a very pleasant co-operation.

In 2007 I got my first son Arno Kenta and we were at home until 2009, then I came back just for 4-5 month and 2010 I got my second son Kennet Hiro. Now I am back again full time at AS Fors MW and happy about it!

Shortly, my responsibility is to create serial numbers, take care of above named documents in different languages and to be aware of product updates and changes which might affect instruction books and look after that information will be updated.

All the best, Annika

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