We visit Roteviksbro service station, Berghagen Sweden!

A nice day in spring we visited Egon Herrström at Roteviksbro service station just outside of Uddevalla, Sweden. Egon is the proud owner of a BIGAB 12 - 15 with Z - crane purchased through the dealer Andresens Maskin. Egon uses his BIGAB trailer hard in his daily operations. Transports of various kinds are made every day. There is always use for a hook lift trailer says Egon. He also states that investing in the BIGAB trailer with Z crane was among the best things he had done. A hook lift system he today could not imagine being without.

We thank Egon Herrström at Roteviksbro service station in Berghagen and wish him the best of luck with the business. Egon is a fine representative of the contractors without whose work Sweden or any other country would stop functioning.

On the picture you can see Egon Herrström (right) and Håkan Petersson, from dealer Andresens Maskin AB.

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