We tested BIGAB Generation 2 - Do it you too!

On Tornby farm, just outside Norrköping we met the family Hagberg. The father Håkan with his sons Christian and Nicklas runs the farm of around 350 acres of crop production. In addition, they also manage the company "Hagberg Construction". They provide seeding, spraying and harvesting . They have also invested in some machinery to do work outside of the agricultural field such as wheel loaders, excavators and sweepers. One can safely say that Hagberg Construction cover most needs and ensures to solve nearly all.

The family Hagberg also has a BIGAB 22 - 27 hook lift trailer in their machine park. A BIGAB that has been used extensively in the business. When it came time for the final test of the of Fors MW new patented product BIGAB G2, we wanted to place the trailer in the hands of someone who really knows how to handle a BIGAB. In a person who has driven a lot and someone who would really put the trailer to the test.

The choice of the test place for our prototype BIGAB G2 trailer fell on Hagberg Construction. Here, we dare to say that the trailer really got to show its true colors. Since the fall of 2012, our prototype trailer has been used heavenly in the work of the machine station with plenty of hooking and tipping.

Christian, who has been responsible for the tests are very pleased with the results. "A great product of an already well - proven and market leading product" is his spontaneous reaction. The thing that stands out in particular is that the hooking cycle now has been made safer because of the position of the rear piston. That the trailer also manages a easier, faster and higher tipping makes it even better. "It feels like a regular tipper but with all the benefits of a hook lift trailer" he concludes.

We thank the Hagberg family for really putting BIGAB Generation 2 up to the task!

Try it yourself! Coming soon to a dealer near you!

The picture shows a prototype trailer of the patented BIGAB Generation 2 hook lift trailer. BIGAB G2 will initially only be produced for the model BIGAB 10-14

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