The heat is on!

It is not only the summer heat in Estonia right now warming up the temperature it is also the market. Since autumn the sales have continuously raised month by month. It started with the FARMA sales and in early spring 2010 we saw a sales increase for BIGAB. That the contracting business is up, running and in need to purchase is clear. In March and April, normally good BIGAB months, we have seen fantastic numbers from several markets. The large BIGAB trailers 20 - 24 and 22 - 27 continue to rise in quantity of sales every year and right now we see several in the order book.


After a rocky year in 2009 it feels great to see the order book filling up and even though there might be a second wave in the financial crises we see small need to worry. The countries now in trouble are ones that we on normal bases do not sell that much to and the non-purchase that has been the reality for quite some time has resulted in the markets eager need to update their machine park. 


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