Östring – a family of many activities

Meet a BIGAB customer of ours;


Family Östring in Helsingborg, Sweden has a number of activities such as contractor works, slaughter business and stock raising of dears. Within all activities high quality is equal to the work performed. They are part owners of Söderåsens dear that started already in 1973 and today they have 30% of the Swedish market for dear meet.


Even though separate type of activities they all had one thing in common – the use of a flexible transport solution. The choice for them ended up on a BIGAB 20 – 24 with a FARMA C 6,5 crane. The trailer is today used in everything from building fence to keep the dears in place to all kinds of transports. Why they choose BIGAB was first and foremost a quality question. As they say BIGAB is well-known for being a quality product. We wanted to have a trailer that we can trust will be with us for a very long time without causing too much problems they say. The fact that we also had the possibility of crane mounting and that BIGAB provided such for a reasonable price was another reason for our choice.


They see several benefits with the trailer but as they say not all think about the fact that you can use BIGAB combined with lorry transports. Since they have the same standard the bridges fits perfectly. It is simply to hook it on and drive they end.

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