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Hello there! 


My name is Katri and most of You probably remember me from my first time around ...Then I worked as a economy assistant here at Fors MW.


But one fine Saturday morning while having my coffee I just realised that I hadnt seen the world as much as I had wanted to and felt that it was high time to do something about it. Was it my drive to learn new things, the need to meet interesting people from different cultures or plain fear of waking up one moment 50 years later and discovering that I have stood still my whole life - I honestly do not know... All I can say is - it was a right thing to do, despite the tears shed in secret over dear friends, familymembers and wonderful colleagues left behind. So I went and spent almost 2 years abroad.


And now im back again - a bit stronger, a lot wiser, even a tiny bit older. One of my visits to see old friends at Fors MW suddenly turned into a job interview and voila as the french say... Life has a funny way of taking unexpected turns.


Im currently working as a management assistant which basically means that im trying to keep my coworkers happy and content workwise and making sure that things run as smoothly as possible at the office.


There are many things I love to do apart from my work. Im a member of Estonian Union for Child Welfare - this is an organisation I believe in and feel very strongly about . I enjoy the simple things in life like travelling, hiking,camping. Adore everything that has to do with theatre, art, music , singing. Have recently taken up ceramics ?! Spend a lot of time in the company of my friends and family but will never say no to a good book 


Questions? Well - You know where to find me !
Be good and well!





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