Meet another BIGAB user – Trädgårds Göran!

Gardening Göran (Göran is a common Swedish name) is the English translation of the company name of this successful company that was founded by Göran Carlsson. He has six employees that work all year around but in peak season it can be up to 15 people. They handle turf and maintenance of facilities and buildings for both companies as well as private persons, all in need of assistance. In winter they also take care of snow removal and sanding.

The machine park consists of several nice items but the latest purchase was BIGAB 10 - 14 with a Z crane with radio control all which was bought when he traded in his old BIGAB 7 - 10 with a FARMA crane. They applaud the cranes unique advantages mainly because it can park the bucket so that it is not in the way when they need to tip or hook the container. They also stated that they will never again buy a trailer without frame steering. The frame steering is praised again and again for the opportunities it provides to handle those really tight areas.

The hook lift trailer is mainly used to drive dirt and gravel and to transport shrub and brushwood and to lay out the topsoil. It is also used to move a lot of machinery that other way would take time to move, or that are not allowed to drive on public road.

This is yet again another very successful entrepreneur who has understood the use of BIGAB in his work. That is for us the best of ambassadors for BIGAB!

Tule 30
76505 Saue
Phone: +3726790000
Fax: +3726790001
Org. no: 10094723
VAT no: EE100189685
Contact information:
Switch:  +46(0)11165770
Fax:  +46 (0)11128370
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