It takes structure to build a FARMA

Around eight years ago Fors MW decided that it was time to purchase a material steering system. The company was by then twelve years old and growing fast. Structure and order was needed. The market was scanned for material steering systems and in Hudiksvall Sweden we found one by the name of Monitor which was specialized towards production companies in the industrial industry.

Said and done Fors MW bought the Monitor system and has since then worked hard to integrate the system into the process of our company. It takes time learn and to adopt a material steering system and already from the beginning we took the decision to take it slow but to make it right. Last year we adopted the financial system into Monitor and now the time have come to integrate the different parts of the production system into the process instead of as today, having a couple of persons doing the numbers for them, the workers would actually do the numbers themselves directly Monitor. Therefore Fors MW have set up a number of working stations where the staff now takes the time from production to feed the system with information when and where it actually happens. That will in return free up time for the administrators of Monitor to take the next step in the material structuring process. We will keep you up to speed!


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