Exhibition in Estonia!

On the 22-24th of April the biggest Estonian forest and farming show took place in Tartu by the name „Maamess 2010". The Fors MW machinery was traditionally represented on the stand of PEETRI TALUTEHNIKA. The FARMA brand is well-known among Estonian farmers and forestry owners. One reason for this is what I call the "neighbor sale". More and more often we hear from our clients that my neighbor has a FARMA and he is pleased with it so I decided to buy a FARMA.


PEETRI TALUTEHNIKAS cooperation with FORS MW started already in 1995. Then we dealt mainly with used agricultural machines from Sweden. We had our own lorry for machine transport and every month we would go to Sweden and fill up the lorry with used Överum ploughs, hey presses, seed-drills and combines harvesters but we had a problem. It was difficult to fill the trucks going from Estonia to Sweden. We were informed by several dealers in Sweden to take contact with this Swedish man by the name, Leif Fors. Leif Fors they said produced forestry trailers as well as grain trailers and so we did. Since that day our company has grown side by side with Fors MW.


Agriculture technologies have developed rapidly during last 20 years in Estonia. Old machines from Sweden became non effective and not sustainable any longer in order to survive in modern farming. In the end of 90`PEETRI TALUTEHNIKA was unknown small firm for Western- European machine manufacturers, nobody dared to make business with us. Leif Fors was the man who gave „wind beneath our wings". He shared with us his personal experience and wisdom in international business. Nowadays PEETRI TALUTEHNIKA has business partners over whole Europe and even in China. We are proud to say that we are one of the biggest farming machinery sellers in Estonia today.


PEETRI TALUTEHNIKA sold our first FARMA in Estonia 1996, since then we have increased year by year. We are also proud to say that today FARMA forest trailers is one of the flagships on the PEETRI TALUTEHNIKAS machine range.



Indrek Pungar
Sales Representative in Baltic States for Fors MW 
Founder and owner of PEETRI TALUTEHNIKA


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