BIGAB 12 – 15 with Z crane - Ireland

Our sales representative Tom Belton took a couple of days and went to Ireland to meet up with our fantastic dealers over there. This is one of several updates from that journey.


In Ireland we have since a few months back a BIGAB 12 - 15 with Z crane operating. The trailer is owned by Damien Slattery. The 12 - 15 is equipped with a Z crane and frame steering. A frame steering that Damian now would never like to be without. This trailer is a total all rounder. If there is any trailer out there working such a wide range of jobs, I would like to know where it is. Damien is using this trailer to the fullest in farming, in forestry, in waste managing; dealing with wood chips and bagging stone deliveries are just some of the jobs this trailer with the BIGAB crane in combination can be used for. That Damien needed a BIGAB with a Z crane was clear as soon as he stepped into our dealer's yard due to the diverse business he has. In regards to BIGAB there is truly only your imagination that sets the limits for the user range of that trailer. Damian is really pleased with his trailer and crane and he would gladly recommend it to others!


Many thanks to Damian and his family, for the true Irish hospitality, in this beautiful part of the world!


Note! The operator seat in use alongside the BIGAB Z crane is built and fitted by the dealer. Fors MW does not provide such solutions.


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