School purchase of FARMA

At the most gorgeous spring day we had the pleasure of visiting a gymnasium (high school) that focus on the work in the forest and on the agricultural land. Around 200 students go there yearly and they specialize in forest and transport. To assist in the teaching the school has three new forwarders, two harvester and five trucks and a number of other training equipments. The school is owned by the municipality of Sunne, Sweden and has about 500 ha of forest. To take care of the forest and for training purposes the school purchased a specially equipped FARMA CT 6,3 - 10.


For educational purposes this FARMA is equipped with the same lever/steering system as the schools forwarders. A system known as a proportional control with so - called flow shearing. To learn more about this system and to adjust the speed on the different functions we visited the school together with Svante Högnert (Farma Norden AB) and Johan Svensson (ES Hydagent).


We are proud to work with our dealer Sunne Bil & Maskin to show that we once more in a competitive purchase has been able to deliver cutting-edge technology to the best price available on the market to our customer the school of Södra Viken.


Thanks for the visit and good luck!


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