We are growing!

It is wonderful to work with the market at Fors MW. There is always plenty to do, and interest has always been great but nothing can match the attention that we have received in the last six months from countries around the world.


We have in recent months grown by a number of new distributors in countries where we have been active for a while but not seen the results we wanted to achieve such as France, Denmark, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Further we have entered collaboration with a pair of brand new countries for us, such as Bulgaria, Romania and Brazil. First load of complete lumber trailers with cranes were shipped to Brazil last week. In addition, we are negotiating with Central America, Canada, but also Belarus. Belarus, for example, comes in contact with us by relatives in Norway through Skogsverktöy which is one of our top resellers.


It is great fun right now with everything going on at the market and it is equally as fun to see the markets of Europe starting to sense a brighter future as well. If you are an interested dealer and wants to take part in the Fors MW journey, Please let me know!



Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
Market / Information manager AS FORS MW
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