NIAB Education

For three days Fors MW have through our aftermarket division provided an education in regards to NIAB tractor processor for the service technician Daniel Hlávka representing our agent from Czech Republic by the name of STS Prachatice. NIAB has sold quite well in the Czech Republic in recent years which is largely their merit.


Daniel has been taught where problems can occur, how to fix them, but especially how to prevent them. In addition he has also been taking part in assembling both a B and a C model.


Are you a dealer of NIAB? Would you like to have your technicians undergo aftermarket training? Take contact and we will tell you more.


As you know Fors MW prefer open doors to closed. Today we are launching the next phase in our news reporting. Fors MW is through the film, like in this post to convey events in the company when and where they occur. We will tell more later on.


The film shows Daniel Hlavka and our after-sales manager Stefan Forsman with Fors M´s NIAB assemblers. Missing in the movie but who participated in the training is Charlie Appelgren from the aftermarket.


If possible play the movie with sound


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