A well functioning aftermarket!

Only a stone's throw from the European road E 4 just before Norrköping , Sweden lays the group's aftermarket with technical support and service under the name Farma Norden AB. Three people are employed to serve the market with answering questions and sending out spare parts all over the world. The spare part warehouse in Norrköping is extremely well-stocked. In our article system are 1300 registered parts, of them are more than 1100 physically in the warehouse in Norrköping.

We pack and ships the same day as the spare parts are ordered. Many are those who can receive parts the next day at no extra cost, but for countries further down in Europe, it takes usually 2 - 3 days. Opportunity for guaranteed delivery in 24 hours are also available but are then at an additional cost.


The Fors MW Group is a company who work hard to have a good aftermarket which provides help when necessary and that has parts in stock for fast delivery. Today we see that we have reached far. Certainly there are always things to improve. Sure, there are languages you want to be able to speak. Certainly there are always decisions not everyone is happy with but we are proud to be able to show an aftermarket unit in which reclaims reports are handled efficiently, where service is a call away, and where the parts will come tomorrow. It is a strength for us and it is a strength for you!


The picture shows from the left, Charlie Appelgren, Stefan Forsman and Kenth Nilsson.

Tule 30
76505 Saue
Phone: +3726790000
Fax: +3726790001
Org. no: 10094723
VAT no: EE100189685
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