Meet Tom Belton!

Time to meet one of our sales representatives. This time it is Tom Belton from Great Britain.




I'm Tom and I work as the UK sales guy for Fors MW. Mainly selling BIGAB. I was born in Northern England in 1972 [1982 if anyone asks though] where I am still based. In 1993 I graduated from the Royal Agricultural College and returned home to the family farm where we grow Combinable crops and Potatoes. As the margins in potatoes dropped, we cut back on this and I looked into taking up my interest in farm machinery and turn it into a business.


The chance to work with Fors came along in the summer of 2005 and I have been with Fors ever since, developing the market from almost nothing to good number of sales throughout the UK and Ireland. I really enjoy all aspect of it, the travelling to exhibitions and meeting people is my favourite part. The last two years have been interesting due to the "credit crunch" and the weakness of Stirling, as the year moves on I hope to see the market recover so we can get back to some good sales again.


I see the market changing in the UK with a move towards bigger, faster and more expensive trailers. As margins become tight, investment happens less, but when it is made I think the investment will be substantial. Everything in life seems to be getting more complex and I see BIGAB going the same way.


Away from work I love spending time with my partner Olivia and our 16month old son Freddie. Motorbikes are also a great interest of mine, especially speedway bikes where I sponsor two Swedish riders. I hope in the future to do more with the speedway, maybe "TEAM BIGAB" OR " BIGAB RACING". Maybe take two of the best youngster, one from UK and one from Sweden and race them under a brand. Give them a good start. I think it would be cool to have fully branded" BIGAB RACING" bikes. Maybe even a world champion, how cool would that be!!!???!!!!

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