Meet Tarmo!

Time to meet one of Fors MWs latest employees, Tarmo Last. Tarmo works as a designer. Here you can read his story.




My name is Tarmo Last. I´m 27 years old. I live in Keila. It´s quite close to Saue where I work, about 9 km. I´m in common-law marriage and I have a daughter who is 1 year and 4 months old.


By education I´m a construction engineer, I studied in Tallinn at the College of Engineering, from where I graduated in 2008. With metal work I have relations before, because I worked in Ferreks TT about 3 years. My working area was construction metal work, working as a constructor-technologist. Last year I decided to leave Ferreks and tried to make a business with my friend in the sales area. It didn´t went as well as we hoped and here I am.


I got into Fors MW by chance, when one day I got a phone call and was asked for a job interview. By chance I mean that at the first I didn't think, that I would became a machine-building designer. When I compare Ferreks and Fors it´s a whole different world. Earlier I used to draw 2D and now 3D. I have a lot to learn, but I don´t have any regrets, because I like to learn new things.


My work assignment here in Fors MW as a designer, is to take work load off other designers, make some old drawings up to date. Make up new and better solutions for existing and new products etc.


My spare time is full of all kind of activities. I don´t like just sitting around doing nothing. A lot of time is spent with my little daughter, but there is still time to deal with sport. Mostly I like to play basketball, I´ve been involved with it since I was 10. Also I like volleyball and football. Besides sports I´m fascinated about fishing and I mean both on top of the water and under water, with a spear gun. Although in this field I´m not so experienced yet, I´ve done it almost 2 years and my interest is just getting bigger and bigger.


All the best, Tarmo Last

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