Meet Mavis Li from China!

Time yet again to meet a new member to the Fors MW family. Say hello to Mavis Li from our China office. 




I am so honored to join in the Fors MW family. Now let me introduce myself. My name is Mavis Li, I am 26years old. My responsibility is accounting, logistics and administration assistant in Fors MW- China. I am graduated from Xi'an University of Finance and Economics. During my college education, I worked hard on my major and search opportunity to improve my skills in practice. Before joining FORS, I had worked in a company in China as a trading assistant, and then I worked in a Swiss chemical company as a tax specialist for more than one year. So I am familiar with the China VAT system, good on VAT reconciliation with account booking and the work process of a trading company.


I grow up in North-China; I come from a small town in Shanxi province. It has a special country culture in North-China, rich in red dates and coal, and famous for the white wine which is named FenJiu. Another local product is a drama called Puju, which known to us is Su San Qi jie, and it comes from my home town - HongTong.


China is a large country and with many nationalities. Shanghai is the modern city of China, it has been my dream during my childhood to come and live at the advantaged city, I'd like to accept and learn the new thoughts and ideas at the beautiful city. In the future I would like to be a more experienced accountant, logistics, and order follow up etc. Fors MW give me a lot of new opportunities to improve working experience in many areas. Especially in Fors MW- China, the great team, the good leader, and colleagues kindly teach me many things in trading and many good working methods, I can say that here this is not only a working-team, but also a better school than some universities. I am willing to learn and work at the team and I'd like stay and live in Shanghai to enjoy my work and life.


While the Shanghai-World Expo had already begun in the beautiful city, I welcome you to come to travel and get together in China!


All the best!
Mavis Li


Tule 30
76505 Saue
Phone: +3726790000
Fax: +3726790001
Org. no: 10094723
VAT no: EE100189685
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