Internal Machine Day in the forest

You know these days somewhere in-between spring and summer, the ones that tempt You with their warmth , soft green grass one minute and then suddenly surprise with cold breezes against Your skin the next - they are made for outdoor activities, for running around in the wild...So yesterday a bunch of „office rats" just went for it! I have to confess that it didn't happen over night of course. It took some planning in advance but I did get Your attention by saying that - did I not?!


We have a tradition that at least once a year we go down to the forest in order to see how the machinery we produce, actually works. It's good for several getting our hands „dirty"We are able to put ourselves in the position of our Clients. We are forced to confront all the possible issues that our buyers are up against on a daily basis. This is how we will know what we still need to work on and what has been done really well. For those interested it's even possible to test to operate the machinery!


This experience pulls us together as a group and as a team. Every link of the chain is able to see the end product and understand hers or his role in the process. But our Internal Machine Days are not all about work! Where is work, there should be play! To keep it in balance. So we did play. Quiz on our way down, both entertaining and educational. Coffee break by the open fire, quite different from our usual surroundings. BBQ hosted by Leif Fors (Our CEO) where local delicacies made our mouths water long before they were ready to be served...


And yes - We were tired on our way home, We smelled like smoked ham and the sun had painted Our noses red but in the end it doesn't matter! It was a good day in the company of good people!


// Katri Jugapuu 


Note! The movie should if possible be seen with sound.

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