I'm proud!

We have had some fantastic exhibition weeks where Fors MW once again proved to be at the forefront of the market and really lead the way, in terms of new products, which as always was set at a good price level.


Fors MW is known to be of good quality at a good price. On it, we have built our market, but despite this, one can always wish for more. With the new paint that recently has been taken into use, we have taken another step forward in the finish of our products. In addition each trailer that is being delivered today is a joy to lay your eyes on. Trailer after trailer arrives with the same fine quality. As a sales guy, you cannot be anything but proud!


Since I primarily spend my days with selling BIGAB I want to write a bit about that. Our BIGAB trailers are incredibly beautiful and immensely popular with their owners. When you get the opportunity to be at exhibitions and meet clients you receive many positive comments. Many are professionals contractors that use are products day in and day out. Year in and year out.


It is not often you meet with customers who have problems. Even if that happens. The vast majority is very satisfied with their trailers and they use them hard and frequently. BIGAB is for many an important part of their daily work and therefore a product that needs to work. When you put into perspective that BIGAB has been on the market for 30 years you realize that the problems are few. We can defiantly state that we over the years have delivered a product that works and that is of course a big part of the success behind the brand BIGAB. In Scandinavia BIGAB is today used as a collective term for hook lift systems.


If you are the best, in the lead, unfortunately, many will try to ride free on the BIGAB concept and its successes, but copies are just that - copies and always one step behind. The latest developments that we see now on the market in form of copies of substandard quality might defame the entire concept of hook lift trailers. I do hope that the machines organizations are actively working to prevent this from happening!


PS. Remember - there is only One original!


Göran Carlsson
Sales Representative BIGAB


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