AS FORS MW was founded in 1992 in Estonia, at a time when few invested east. In a turbulent time in which the laws and rules were lacking as well as production structures and quality. Creating a European market leader under these premises required a willingness of steel and stubbornness. Characters which the founder and CEO, Leif Fors posses.

20 years ago, FARMA forest trailers were simply a sketch on a drawing table. Together with BIGAB hook lift systems and NIAB tractor processor the products now form one of Europe's strongest team! Today, all three, market-leading brands in northern Europe! 


In February of 2006 the factory were hit by mayor fire and since then loads of time has been invested in rebuilding the factory and keeping our markets. The factory is back in good shape or better, one would perhaps be able to say Ulrica Fors Stenmarck states.  We have since the fire built northern Europe's most modern paint shop extensive 1200kvm for hanging goods, with conveyor capacity up to 4000 kg per wagon. In addition to this a new assembly hall was built, new staff facilities and an output layer for a total of 2300 square meters, at a total cost of 26 million. Eek.

Furthermore, the decision was taken in 2009 to complete a new production hall of 1700 sq meters which will among other things consist out of a blaster for hanging goods, and container production. In addition, a new heating plant is built for solid fuel. This investment amounts to approximately 30 million. Eek. 


Photo displays the new production hall that will be ready during early autumn.


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